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A static caravan holiday home at Discover Parks will be yours to enjoy throughout the year whenever the park is open – for short breaks and longer stays. There’s no need to book ahead, and all your home comforts will be ready and waiting.

But how does holiday home ownership actually work and what factors will help ensure that you’ll get the most out of your purchase in the years to come? Here's some of the questions we're most often asked. (If you can't find the right question and answer then please call our ownership team on 01568 708326).

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Beautiful 5 Star holiday parks to choose from at Discover Parks

When can I use my holiday home?

At Discover Parks we're open for 10 months of the year for our holiday home owners. We open on March 1st and close on January 2nd.  This means that you can spend Christmas and New Year at your holiday home - when the park is all twinkly and festive! I

Is my Discover Parks holiday home just for leisure use?

Yes. You can use your holiday home for short breaks and longer holidays - some people spend many of the summer months in their second home. But it cannot be used as your main residence as this would breach the park’s site licence.  We will ask to see proof that you have a permanent bricks and mortar home address when you buy and at intervals during your time as an owner. 

If you want to live on a residential park full time, then we have Rockbridge Residential Park where you can do this. We currently have brand new properties for sale in idyllic positions

How can I tell if Discover Parks is right for me?

Try it out! We have a small number of self catering lodges, static caravans and self-catering cottages on all three parks giving you the opportunity of a short break in order to better judge the park and surrounding area. We can arrange for you to meet existing owners for an informal chat about their Discover Parks experience.

How long can we keep our holiday home?

When you buy a holiday home or lodge you will get what is called a ‘licence agreement’. This states the period of time that your holiday home can be kept at Discover Parks. The length of time depends on a number of factors - new or pre owned, lodge or caravan. Ask before you commit, as this is one of the most important things to consider. 

As a generalisation, at Discover Parks you can keep new lodges for longer than new static caravan holiday homes. You can expect to find a 20-year licence agreement for a new twin unit lodge, and 15 years for a new single lodge or holiday home. Licence agreements for pre-owned holiday homes is dependent on age and condition.

The length of the licence agreement hugely influences the way in which you will be calculating the amount of investment in your holiday home and your plans for its eventual replacement.

Can I let out my holiday home?

At Discover Parks, we do not allow sub-letting of holiday homes. We believe that the uncertainty generated if everyone can let out there holiday home will be detrimental to community we have created.

However, some parks positively encourage you to let out your holiday home. Many of these parks have schemes in place to let your home for you. Shop around if sub-letting is important to you - just not at Discover Parks. 

Are my family and friends allowed to stay at my holiday home?

Yes! Although we don't permit sub-letting, we do allow your family and friends to stay at your holiday home when you're not there – provided that you are not charging them any money to be there.

Why do the holiday home prices vary so much?

Prices for a caravan holiday home or lodge vary up and down the country, and like conventional properties, location is a key factor influencing the cost – together with the range of facilities offered by the park, such as a recreational facilities or entertainment.

At Discover Parks, we believe our down to earth prices reflect what our parks have to offer. We may not be on the coast but we believe our stunning countryside in North Herefordshire and the Wales border is some of the finest the UK has to offer. Our holiday homes start from under £30K which means you can have a second home in some of the UK's most splendid surroundings. 

What’s included in the price?

The quoted price will almost invariably include all of the carpets, furnishings, kitchen appliances often including dishwashers and microwaves depending on the age. 

What else should I budget for?

If you're buying a brand new unit straight from a manufacturer  – as opposed to buying a pre-owned holiday home  – check if there’s extra to pay for having the unit transported from the factory, sited on the pitch, and “commissioned” (made ready for your occupation and connected to the utilities). Other costs to consider will be the annual pitch fee (what you pay for the right to occupy your pitch on the park), utilities such as water, gas and electricity, plus rates and insurance for your holiday home. The running costs for Arrow Bank, Pearl Lake and Rockbridge are clearly displayed on each site under the 'ownership' tab. 

Is Council Tax payable on a holiday home?

You don’t have to pay Council Tax for a holiday home because it is not a main residence. 

Do I need insurance for a holiday home?

It’s essential to have your holiday home insured. At Discover Parks we require you to produce proof of cover each year. We offer insurance as part of a group policy but you are free to find your own insurance. 
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Will I be asked to sign a contract?

Yes, you'll be asked to sign a written contract (known as a “licence agreement”) with Discover Parks. It's important that you review and are satisfied with the terms offered to you. 

Because buying a holiday home is an exciting time - make sure you check how long the agreement runs for as this will lay down how many years you can keep your holiday home on the park. Also check the agreement for any park rules which might apply to you. 

What happens if I decide to sell?

Ask us what happens if you decide to sell. Check the agreement for what will happen if you decide later to upgrade your holiday home or to sell it and leave park, and what the financial arrangements will be.


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