Caravan Buyers Guide

Buying your first holiday home?

It’s as easy as... 1,  2,  3

Buying a holiday home could be a very confusing process without the right advice, information and guidance.

At Discover Parks we believe that buying your holiday home should be a happy, exciting experience - some might even say 'a momentous occasion' . We don't want you to be overwhelmed by the process and so we have put together a brief guide to help keep your head clear and stay focussed on making the right decisions every step of the way.

1: Find The Right Park

Finding the right park that meets all your needs is by far and away the most important piece of the puzzle when buying a holiday home. Seriously, we cannot stress this point enough.

If you buy your dream holiday home on a park that does not suit your needs there is a good chance you will not visit as often as you had planned. We absolutely want to help you to get this first decision absolutely right.
We believe that the park - facilities / surrounding area / distance from home - is THE compelling reason to buy, especially when you consider that the exact same holiday home is probably available on a number of other parks.

Our commitment to helping you make the right buying choices - will help you to make the right decision.


  • Travel distance

  • Location

  • Out & about

  • Site fees / running costs

  • On-park facilities

  • Children

  • Pets

How long does it take to travel to the park?
You will probably use your holiday a lot more if it is only a couple of hours (or less) away. Just imagine all those impromptu visits - a Friday night after work for a 'get away from it all weekend', a last minute birthday surprise, to see one of the fantastic events in the surrounding area... the list goes on.

The Lake District or Cornwall might sound very attractive but do you want to spend all that time travelling in traffic on the motorway just to get there when you could already be there enjoying a cold beer with your meal or a glass of wine on the decking?



What does the surrounding area have to offer?
Sometimes it has been know to rain (honestly!) what can you do on a rainy day? Sometimes the sun shines (honestly!) and a nice walk - maybe a picnic or a spot of shopping - can turn a good day into a great day. Are there plenty of attractions and events, places of interest - things to see and do.

Don't forget the mundane things either. How far is it for fuel? Where is the nearest supermarket? Don't worry, we have the answers to all your questions.



Do site fees and running costs suit your budget?
We will always try and quote you a 'moving in' price. This will include the price of the holiday home, pro-rata fees for site fees, rates and insurance. We can offer a group policy for the insurance, but there is no obligation to take this if you want to get a quote or use your own insurer.

There are no hidden costs. It is very important to allow for annual running costs as well as to factor in any additional costs required to get you on park and settled.

Once purchased, annual running costs are site fees, rates, insurance, gas and electric. Gas and electric are metered as used and billed twice a year.



What on-park facilities would you like?
You may not want any on-park facilities. This can mean a much quieter park where you can completely relax and switch off, but this can mean it is more important to see what the surrounding area has to offer.

Arrow Bank is a very relaxing, quiet park - a haven for couples - with riverbank fishing on park. There is walking access to the beautiful village of Eardisland.

Pearl Lake has a similar relaxing atmosphere but also has a lot of on-park facilities that can easily fill your holiday diary - a round of golf in the morning, lunch at the bistro, maybe some fishing or a gentle woodland walk in the afternoon, followed by a long glass of your favourite tipple whilst enjoying a game of bowls outside the Lakeside Bar Bistro.

Rockbridge is the perfect rural escape. The compelling reason to purchase at Rockbridge is that it is the perfect antidote to the frenetic pace of a modern lifestyle - the calm energy, clear skies, the sparkling River Lugg. The nearby town of Presteigne is just under a mile away and your nearest place to restock on the essentials.



Is the park suitable for children?
If you have children, how will they be occupied on-park? Is there wi-fi, a games room, a play area (All of our parks have access to wi-fi)?

If you choose a quieter park for yourselves, knowing that the relaxing atmosphere is the main reason for you to buy, what will you do if the children are not so thrilled by the idea of relaxing? How will they be occupied off-park? Again, are there places to go, things to see and do?

Pearl Lake is great FOR THE CHILDREN


Is it a good environment for pets?
We are proud to say that, not only are our holiday parks dog friendly, we actively try to ensure they have a great time too. Each of our parks has a dedicated, secure, off-lead exercise field for your dogs. Somewhere they can blow off steam and use up some energy. We also have a dog wash on park! 

Are there good walks on and off park? Is there somewhere to walk the dog as soon as you arrive after your journey? Are the nearby pubs and cafes pet friendly? Can you walk directly from park without having to take them somewhere in the car to walk first thing in the morning?

We believe we have everything you need to ensure your pet enjoys their time here too.


2: Choose Your Holiday Home


  • Outlook patio doors

  • 2 or 3 bedrooms

  • Open plan or separate lounge and kitchen

  • Bath or shower

  • En-suite bathroom?

Do you want patio doors?
Almost all holiday homes have patio doors - either to the front or side elevation, sometimes both. If you choose to have decking, you could walk straight out through the patio doors from the living area. This can make the most of your view and your plot location. Perfect for that morning coffee or sunset glass of wine!

How many bedrooms?
Would you like your holiday home to suit just the two of you most of the time or would you like it to accommodate visitors all of the time? It is easy to believe you need a 3 bedroom holiday home if you want to have guests a few weekends per year then. However, most holiday homes have a sofa bed in the living area and this can double up as a third / guest bedroom for the few times when needed. Thus, a 2 bedroom holiday home could offer a better layout for the majority of your time on park. If, however, there will be 6+ people sleeping every time you visit then a 3 bedroom holiday home offers much more flexibility for you.

Open plan living area?
Aa separate lounge (closed off by doors from the kitchen / dining area) can be more cosy in the lounge and also allow the lounge the privacy to work as a third bedroom for visitors.

An open plan living area can have the advantage of being more sociable, with all the family / friends spending time in one large space.

What type of bath / shower room would you like?
Is a bath on your list of 'must haves'? How will the bathroom rota work out if there are more than just the two of you?

  • Some holiday homes have bath and shower

  • Some have just a shower room

  • Some come with a shower over the bath.

  • Would you like your en-suite to be a bathroom, shower room or just a W.C?

At the very least an additional / en-suite shower room can be more flexible when friends and family come to stay.


3: Choose Your Plot

Not all holiday homes have a choice of plots. Nevertheless these are the important points to consider.


  • Orientation

  • Location

  • View

  • Access

Would you prefer to have a shady spot or are you a ‘sun worshipper’?

  • How much sun will your location have?

  • Consider where the sun will rise and set each day.

If you have decking, do you want the sun to be on it all day or is an alfresco, sun rise breakfast more important to you that a relaxing sunset glass of wine? Of course, you can want (and have) both.

Where do you want to be on park?

  • Would you like access to fishing or golf right outside your front door?

  • Is a plot with a short walk to village / restaurant & bar more suitable?

  • Do you want to be close to / have easy access to the surrounding walks?

  • Do you want to see your children on the play area? 

  • Would you like to be in the centre of the community, chatting to others as they stroll past?

  • Is a plot in a quiet corner watching the world go by more suitable for you?

Coupled with the location (above) the view can be an enormous driver for your plot decision. Of course it is possible to fulfil more than one of your requirements. E.g. easy access to the village with a view of the river.

  • Do you want to see your neighbours or just the wildlife through the patio doors?

  • Do you want to see golfers coming down the home stretch, or be looking out across the water?

A dedicated parking space ia allocated to almost every holiday home at Discover Parks. Most have an adjacent, private parking space for at least 1 vehicle, otherwise there will be nearby 'communal' parking with just a short walk to your home.

  • How important is the access for you when you have just arrived on park with your bags?

  • What will it be like (in the unlikely event of rain!) returning laden from a shopping trip?

  • Do you need access for a mobility scooter (Ramps can be fitted to decking)?