About Us

All about the Jones'

The Jones family have been running holiday parks for over 50 years. They have been pooling their talents to deliver a personal level of service meaning that customers get the best of both worlds – a warm smile and quality as standard!

Our ‘potted’ history…

Glenn and Hannah Jones own Discover Parks. Glenn's parents, Alwyn and Olive Jones, bought their first caravan park (Smithy Park in Abermule) in 1968; they knew little about caravans and, over 40 years later, still claim to be learning.

As Glenn and his brother Wayne were growing up the family moved to Westbrook Farm near Ludlow, and slowly developed a small 5CL touring site into the lovely touring park that you see today. The boys started working on the family farm and in the parks after they left school and the opportunity came along to buy Poston Mill.

When Wayne married Sarah in 1998 and Glenn married Hannah in 2000, Wayne and Sarah took over Poston Mill and Glenn and Hannah took the chance to acquire Pearl Lake, taking the philosophy and skills learnt over the years and applying the ‘Jones touch’ to Pearl Lake, it became an award winning park. In 2010 and 2012 Glenn and Hannah acquired Rockbridge Park and Arrow Bank respectively. Along with Pearl Lake it is these three parks that make up Discover Parks.

The family are incredibly proud of their parks and feel their customers are ambassadors.

We believe that you will find your perfect holiday location at Discover Parks. Which one, of course, is entirely up to you…