T&C's and Park Rules

Booking Terms and Conditions

No group bookings.

We reserve the right to refuse any booking.

The person signing the booking form is responsible for the booking and must be 18 or over.

Once we issue a confirmation of booking a contract is entered into and any discrepancy should be notified to us within 24 hours.

We need to know the size  of your caravan, motor home, tent when booking.

A 50% deposit is required at time of booking for confirmation.

Balance due – self-catering: The balance must be paid in full 30 days prior to arrival.

Balance due – touring & tents: The balance must be paid in full 7 days prior to arrival, unless it is a Bank Holiday booking where the balance must be paid in full one calendar month prior to arrival.

The price of the holiday will not be subject to any change unless the rate of VAT alters

A minimum number of nights is offered at High Season (touring and camping) and full payment will be  requested at time of booking or 30 days prior to arrival whichever is the earlier.

Touring pitches are available from 12 noon on day of arrival and vacated by 11.00am on day of departure (or by arrangement with reception).

Self-catering properties are available from 3.00pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00am on day of departure.

If you choose to depart from us earlier than the planned departure date we will not be able to reimburse any of the monies paid for your stay. 

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel your booking please read our cancellation policy and conditions below:

Cancellation will take effect on the date received by us and may be done by telephone but needs to be confirmed in writing within 7 days by post or email.

No written confirmation will result in the deposit being retained by us in full.

Please consider taking out travel insurance if there is a chance you may need to change or cancel your booking. 

Cancellation charges apply as follows:

Self-Catering Bookings

0-28 Days before arrival- no refund and booking cannot be moved

29-42 days before arrival- 50% of the booking total will be retained (no admin charges apply). Booking can be moved (with a £50 admin charge) but booking must fall within 6 months of the original arrival date.

43 days or more before arrival- full refund (£50 admin charge applies). Booking can be moved (no admin charges apply) but booking must fall within 6 months of the original arrival date.

If bookings are subsequently moved for a second or more time- admin charges will apply.

If your booking falls within a Bank Holiday week or weekend- no refunds within 6 weeks of arrival.


Touring Bookings

0-7 days before arrival- no refund and booking cannot be moved

8-28 days before arrival- 50% of the booking total will be retained (no admin charges apply). Booking can be moved (with a £20 admin charge) but booking must fall within the same season/ 6months as the original arrival date.

29 days or more before arrival- full refund (£20 admin charge applies). Booking can be moved (no admin charges apply) but booking must fall within the same season/ 6months as the original arrival date.

If bookings are subsequently moved for a second or more time- further admin charges will apply.

If your booking falls within a Bank Holiday week or weekend no refunds within 14 days of arrival.

Park Rules and Conditions

These rules are intended to ensure everyone gets maximum enjoyment and benefit out of their stay. They cannot cover everything, but if you are ever in any doubt, please ask.

Remember that anyone visiting you at the park is your responsibility and they must adhere to the rules of the Park.

Access statements are available at www.bestparks.co.uk or by post.

Please read the following carefully.

Speed Limits: The park Owners may restrict the movement of cars at any time, without prior notice. The speed of all wheeled vehicles (this includes bicycles) is not to exceed 5mph and they may be driven only by persons authorised to drive and in possession of a current driving licence (not provisional) issued under the road traffic acts, together with a current Insurance Policy covering the vehicle being driven. Do not drink and drive on the park, as far as the law is concerned our roads are treated as public highways.

Cars: One car per Holiday Home/Tourer to be parked by the side of each unit not at the front or the rear, unless otherwise stated. When the weather is wet please endeavour to park in a stoned car park area. All visitors’ cars to be parked on the car park. All visitors must report to reception before entering park.

Park Staff: All of the Park staff have full authority to enforce any rules and regulations as necessary.

Park Security: Please adhere to the barrier code terms and conditions. All visitors are to report to reception and state how long they will be visiting. Do not leave valuable items lying unattended outside Holiday Homes, Tourers, tents or motorhomes, especially at night. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around the Park or if you see someone you know should not be on the Park, please inform a member of Staff. Always clear your Holiday Home of all valuables in the closed period and do not leave valuables on show.

Noise: The Parks have a peaceful environment so please keep noise to a minimum after 10pm.  TV’s, radios, etc should be played at a volume not audible to adjoining caravans tents and holiday homes.
When returning from the park restaurant or local pubs at night, please respect others who may be sleeping, especially after 10pm. Remember voices carry a long way at night. Persistent offenders will be asked to leave the park.

Children: Parents/Guardians are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children, at all times in any area whilst on the Park. Children must not be outside after dark without adult supervision. Children must be accompanied when using the washing and toilet facilities, and must not be allowed to play around these facilities or the Fire Points.

The lake: (Pearl Lake and Arrow Bank) The lake can be a dangerous place, and it is the responsibility of Parents and Guardians to ensure that their children are supervised.

The rivers: (Arrow Bank and Rockbridge) The river can be a dangerous place, and it is the responsibility of Parents and Guardians to ensure that their children are supervised

Cycling: Bikes are allowed on park and can be ridden to and from the toilet block and playing fields in a safe and considerate manner. The park roads are also suitable for bicycles but care should be taken as there is both a 5 mph speed limit and a one way system to follow. Parents are responsible for their child’s behaviour and actions and we urge all parents and guardians contemplating bringing bikes to the park to impress upon their children the dangers to themselves and others and to consider other people who are also on holiday. There are children’s play areas and fields where children can play in safety. Please no cycling around the front entrance and reception area / entrance barriers.

Ball Games: Please play all ball games including ‘Swingball’ etc in the recreation fields and designated areas only, not around any pitches or roads.

Electric Scooters (Childrens): We don’t permit the use of electric scooters on our parks - with the exception of use on our dedicated bike track at Pearl Lake. 

Dogs and other Pets: Dogs are only permitted on the Park, maximum of 2 per pitch, if kept under control at all times and on a lead. (except in the designated dog exercise area) Unsociable or dangerous dogs are not permitted and the Park owners reserve the right to refuse certain breeds of dogs. Some breeds and those listed on the Dangerous Dog Act 1991 are not allowed on any of our parks - please check at time of booking.  Please do not leave your dog unsupervised at any time or in the charge of young children. Do not allow your dog to annoy your neighbours or foul areas around the Park. If you wish to let your dog off the lead in the fields please make sure that they are under control. Please clean up after your dog at all times. Doggie bins are provided. Please ensure your dog has a current annual vaccination. If your dog is noisy and unsocial you will be asked to remove it from the Park and it will not be permitted to return, dog owners may also be asked to leave the park. Other pets may be permitted at the park owner’s discretion.

Privacy: Please respect the privacy of others on the park and use the roads and paths to gain access to other areas of the park. Please respect the privacy of others and do not take shortcuts between touring pitches and holiday home plots.

Drones: We do not permit the use of any drones onsite at any of our parks, this is to project the privacy of our parks, team, owners and guests. We are also in close proximity to an airport at Pearl Lake, and law states that it is illegal to fly a drone within 3 miles of any UK airport.

Countryside Code: Please respect the surrounding countryside, farmers, farmland and livestock.

Campfires: These are not permitted. Raised barbecues are allowed. The use of firearms and fireworks or the making of open fires is not permitted.

Ground Sheets: (Touring customers) ECO friendly types (breathable) only please on grass pitches.

Gazebos: Please, no gazebos are allowed on any of the pitches on the park.

Awnings: (Tourer customers) are permitted only during your stay on pitch.

Satellite Dishes: Please only discreet dishes to be used on the touring area – although tree coverage heavily restricts reception. We supply a TV hook-up with an amplified signal. There are no satellite dishes for the holiday homes.

Pup tents: (Touring customers) Permitted only with the park owner’s permission and are to be paid for per night.

Departure time: Touring and tent pitches to be vacated by 11.00am. If you would like to stay later an extended stay until 4.00pm may be booked for an additional fee, subject to availability. Please ask at reception during your stay.

Fire Safety: Every holiday home and tourer should be fitted with a fire extinguisher of the powder type, and a smoke alarm. These should be checked regularly and in good working order. Please ensure you are familiar with the fire points on park. The number of persons permitted to stay in a Holiday Home/Tourer/tent must not exceed that of which the unit can accommodate in berths.

Sub Letting Holiday Homes: Sub letting is strictly forbidden. Other members of the family, and friends are permitted. This should be with the park owner’s knowledge and consent. Spare keys will only be released from reception to owners of Holiday Homes/Tourers, or on instruction from the owner. The owner must be the main user.

Excavation: No Excavation may be carried out.

Flower Tubs: Please restrict flower tubs & planters to front and door side of Holiday Homes. Please keep on slabs and edges and at least 12” from grass to allow access for mowing.

General refuse: All general refuse to be deposited in bins provided. No external dustbins allowed. We can only accept household rubbish and garden rubbish (in correct green waste) any scrap metal, packaging or other items must be taken home.

Park Improvements: We continually strive to improve the park and to comply with new health and safety laws. You may find that there is development work on going in certain areas and maintenance work or housekeeping tasks are undertaken in and around your Pitch, plot or accommodation.

Closed season: (Holiday Home Owners) If you intend to visit your Holiday Home or tourer during the closed period please contact reception at least 48 hours before and you will be advised if you are able to visit or not. You cannot stay overnight during the closed period.

Gas bottles: Must be kept in the storage box, not outside.

Storage Bunkers: One bunker only per Holiday Home. No goods whatsoever to be stored under Holiday Homes. Please ensure reception has a key to your storage bunker.

Concrete Slabs: All slabs are provided by agreement and laid by management. No additions to be added by Holiday Home Owners.

Structures: No supplementary structure of wood, canvas or any other material may be erected to a Holiday home or tourer.

Frost Precautions: Ask one of our maintenance team to demonstrate the ‘Drain Down Procedure’ to you. ‘Drain down’ or ‘reconnection’ service is available for a fee upon request at reception. Insurance companies do not cover frost damage if draindown has not been adequate

Maintenance: Holiday Home and Tourer Maintenance: Holiday Homes and tourers must be kept good condition and maintained to the high standards of the Park. If a caravan is deemed by the Park Owner to be in an untidy or poor condition notice may be given to change. It is recommended that the Holiday Homes and Tourers are cleaned at least once a year.

Appliances: We also recommend that all gas and electric appliances are serviced on an annual basis. It is important for Holiday Home owners to check their gutters are clear of leaves, especially if you have down-pipes as these are easily blocked with debris.

Appearance: Pitch Tidiness: The Holiday Home owner is responsible for the tidiness around the unit. Please no items are to be stored under the unit. Please obtain prior approval before doing any work around your pitch, i.e. shrubs, tree planting, trellis, fencing, statues, flags and borders.

We ask that all visitors to our parks be respectful of each other, of other holiday makers and of the site rules. Any persons who behave in such a manner to cause offence may be asked to leave the park, together with all members of their party.

We reserve the right to modify or change the rules at any time without giving prior notice.

Promotions, Competitions and offers at Discover Parks

Terms and Conditions:

Promotions and offers are open to all UK residents aged 18 years or over (excluding employees of Bestparks, their immediate families and anyone connected with this promotion).

Promotions will run until stocks or prizes are exhausted – whichever is sooner.

Voucher offer / offer codes must be quoted at time of booking.

Only original vouchers will be processed. Damaged vouchers, photocopies and other reproductions will not be accepted.

Vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be resold.

By using any offer codes / vouchers you accept our rules and regulations and agree to be bound by them.

Accommodation / pitches are offered subject to availability and the discretion of the park management.

Vouchers and offer codes cannot be redeemed during Bank Holiday Weekends or the Christmas holidays.

All bookings must be made directly with the chosen park.

Discover Parks reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion due to circumstances outside its control. Discover Parks is not responsible for any third party acts or omissions.

There is no cash alternative available to any voucher or offer.

Only one offer code or voucher may be used per stay.

Any upgrades and/or additions may be subject to additional costs.

Competition winner will be notified by email and/or DM on Facebook/Instagram

Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the prize being drawn and the winner being notified. We reserve the right to withdraw the prize after this point and a replacement winner will be chosen

Only one entry per person will be accepted

There is no entry fee and no purchase has to be made to enter

Prices and information are correct at the time of publishing. Each park reserves the right to alter prices or to withdraw an offer without notice. We recommend that you check with the park at the time of booking that the rates and facilities contained on our website are correct.

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