Our Green Credentials

At Discover Parks, we're passionate about the countryside in which we're lucky enough to be located. 

Looking after our bit of the planet is really important to us, as it is to our owners and guests. From recycling our waste, reducing single plastic use, harnessing solar energy and using electric maintenance vehicles - we're always trying to find new ways to be greener. None of us can fix climate change in isolation - but every little bit we do helps relieve the stress on the planet.  

Here's just a selection of some of our green projects -

We are incredibly proud that both Pearl Lake and Arrow Bank have achieved gold and silver David Bellamy Conservation Award for continued commitment to conservation and the environment on both parks. 

Our parks are certified honey bee friendly!

We hope campers will be delighted to discover that we leave wildlife corridors between our generous camping pitches at Arrow Bank and Rockbridge.

These habitat highways are areas around each pitch that we leave unmown to allow wildlife to flourish. Grasses and wildflowers make great places for visitors from bees to butterflies, hedgehogs to craneflies.

Hedgehogs in the UK are now vulnerable to extinction. We work with local organisation “Help for Hogs” to ensure that any hedgehogs found in distress on our parks can be rehabilitated.

Guest (untethered) charging points are available at Arrow Bank - payment is via ‘Monta’ app. Owners and visitors from Pearl Lake and Rockbridge can also use these charging points. We hope to roll these out at Rockbridge by the end of 2025, followed by Pearl Lake. It's not a quick process. 
Many of our maintenance vehicles which are used all the time on and between our parks are electric. 

Are installed on the roof of the Lakeside Bar and Bistro at Pearl Lake and are feeding back into the national grid. 

On Pearl Lake and Arrow Bank, our waste collection company uses a Mixed-Waste Processing System which means that our waste streams are separated by machines or by hand when they arrive at the materials recycling facility. 

100% of our rubbish is subject to this sorting process.  We chose this company because of their recycling, reusability and traceability credentials. 

At Rockbridge we adhere to the Welsh recycling legislation with separate bins for everything. 

We recycle the off cuts of the composite decking we make onsite back to our suppliers.  

We've replaced single use guest toiletries in our self catering accommodation with refillable bottles and, where possible, we use refillable eco cleaning products. 

In our self catering welcome packs we put Franks Biscuits, Two farmers crisps and ZaraMama pop a cobs - all are locally produced. We have a milk machine at Pearl Lake providing milk and milk shakes, installed and operated by a farmer just three miles from the park. During the summer months we sell locally grown strawberries. 

We are constantly adding to this list.